About Me

Photo of me at the summit of Four Peaks, Superstition Wilderness, Arizona My name is Matt Gove. I am a new breed of web developer, creating extraordinary solutions to ordinary problems that are uniquely brilliant and elegantly simple, inspiring the development of breakthrough products that boost performance, productivity, and capability. My unique skill set couples my degree in math and physics with my experience as a semi-professional photographer to provide a complete package that conceives beautiful designs and writes simple code that optimizes performance for today's media-rich web standards.

My passion for web development was born from my love of photography. As I broke into photography over 10 years ago, I shared my photos with family and friends using email. As I filled (and often crashed) their inboxes with huge files, I realized there had to be a better way. The obvious solution was to put the photos on a website where everyone could see them, so Matt Gove Photo was launched. After mastering HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and MySQL over the next few years, I transformed Matt Gove Photo into a beautiful and simple, yet powerful professional website that now includes a custom blog, a comprehensive mobile site, and optimized code to make load times as fast as possible. I have also taken courses to program native iPhone and Android apps, and am also studying the C++ programming language.

If you are looking to build a strong online presence, please request a quote, send me an email with your request, or give me a call, and I will respond within 24 to 36 hours to discuss your needs further.

Random Facts

  • I chased tornadoes for 3 years while studying meteorology at the University of Oklahoma
  • I love to cook and love to grill
  • I love being outdoors and love to laugh

"Matt designed and put together my Olympic Campaign website; he is absolutely the best! Everything I asked for was done right away and the site way exceeded my expectations. Without a doubt I'd use his expertise in the future!"

— Lara Dallman-Weiss (Professional Sailor)

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