Matt Gove Photo

Who They Are

This website is a personal project of mine. The idea for it began as I was starting getting good photography back in 2008. I had been sharing photos by email, and as people wanted to see more and more photos, I would send more photos, to the point where I began crashing their inboxes. There had to be a better way.

What They Needed

  • A way to share my photos so I was not crashing peoples email inboxes
  • A way to pass along some context about the photos and about the experiences I had in my photography

The Solution

The original version of this site launched in January, 2009 as an absolute hack job of canned templates and third party albums. It quickly morphed into a much more professional and user friendly site, with the most recent version of it being released in December, 2015. The current version was built from the ground up using nothing but a text editor.

In addition to the photo galleries, the site also has a customized blog engine to share my experiences and a secure admin area to manage the content on the site.

The End Result

In addition to the 100% reduction in complaints I received about crashing inboxes, my photography received a lot more publicity, as many more people visited the site than the number of people to whom I had been emailing photos. Since I operate the site as a hobby, I don’t get to put as much effort into it as I would like, but it continues to exceed my expectations for traffic and feedback from the site.


  • Custom Blogs
  • Website Design
  • Desktop and Mobile Photo Gallery
  • Custom Content Mgmt System
  • Custom Mobile Site

Programming Languages

  • MySQL Databases
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • SEO
  • Python