Matthew Gove Web Development, LLC

Designed and coded completely from scratch, my website is built on a solid foundation of object-oriented PHP programming and MySQL databases using the latest HTML and CSS technologies. On top of that foundation are custom forms that allow users to interact with me, plus solid search engine optimization and custom mobile and tablet-optimized sites.

The site was coded with simplicity in mind, taking advantage of a customized tiered code structure to reuse both HTML and PHP code on multiple pages. This simplicity significantly reduces the amount of required maintenance as well as the complexity of the site.

On the front end, JavaScript combines with CSS 3 to enhance the user interface with additional information when you hover over certain elements with the mouse, and also provides a validation mechanism for forms that checks for errors without the need for refreshing the page or hitting your browser’s back button. The website strikes a very nice balance that maintains the simplicity of the user interface on the front end while optimizing the code on the back end.


  • Website Design
  • Custom Mobile Site
  • Built From Scratch
  • Custom Tablet Site

Programming Languages

  • PHP Programming
  • MySQL Databases
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Ajax