Seven Seas Cruising Association

Who They Are

The Seven Seas Cruising Association is one of the oldest and largest organizations of cruisers in the world. Their goal is to share cruising information and camaraderie with fellow cruisers and to leave a clean wake for those who follow. Their website was developed by volunteers and contractors, and consisted of several tens of thousands of lines of ugly unmaintainable code.

What They Needed

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Enhancing and optimizing the bloated code
  • Adding some minor new features

The Solution

Bugs were fixed using the most efficient Python code possible, all while enhancing and optimizing the code at the same time. While every effort was made to remove bloat from the existing code, some of the code did have to be completely rewritten.

The End Result

I do not have any direct statistics, but the parts I have been working on do run more efficiently and no longer throw errors. Fixes and enhancements have all been made above and beyond the association’s level of expectation.


  • Website Development
  • Website Design

Programming Languages

  • MySQL Databases
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Python
  • Ajax
  • Django Framework