Team Cara/Lara

Who They Are

Team Cara/Lara was a two-person sailing team that competed for a spot on the US Women’s Olympic Sailing Team. These campaigns require a lot of effort planning, fundraising, and practicing.

What They Needed

  • A primary front for their fundraising efforts
  • A simple way to communicate with their fans and followers and share information about their campaign

The Solution

The easiest solution was to build a simple website that served as their primary fundraising mechanism. The website was integrated with PayPal to provide a simple way to accept donations. The website also included a blog and some generic information about them and their campaign.

The End Result

After the website launched, Team Cara/Lara saw a significant increase in donations. The fundraising section of the website raised enough money to fund Team Cara/Lara’s entire campaign for over two years, allowing them to compete in events all over the world.


  • Custom Blogs
  • Website Design
  • Built From Scratch

Programming Languages

  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • HTML5 and CSS3